Pre Race Add On Training Week

Pre-race week in the camp

Participants can book an extra week in the comfortable ger camp, directly on the shore of beautiful Hovsgol Lake. Other than the sheer enjoyment of spending two weeks here instead of just one, other benefits of this add-on week include:

  • Altitude acclimatization (at 1600 meters),
  • Taking a few extra training runs, and/or tapering,
  • Getting familiar with the race course,
  • Daily yoga-for-runners sessions under professional guidance,
  • Benefiting from a daily planning/discussion session with organisers,
  • There will be at least one guided hike/run to the top of surrounding mountains (2900 meters) with fascinating views on the lake side and on the valleys on the other side of the mountain.

In addition, there are possibilities for daily horse riding, kayaking in the small and big lake, mountain biking. There is sauna available for a daily use. A family with children could also use this week as a perfect outdoor stay in unspoiled nature, in the middle of the national park, before the business of race week begins, together with its distractions. If there is interest, we also can organize a visit to a local nomadic family getting insight in their daily routines.

For those who are interested, there will be a possibility to assist in refreshing markings for the race along 100K track.

The extra week can be a very relaxing vacation in nature, as well as serving as a perfect way to prepare for this unique run.

Yoga during pre-race week

Here is a description of our yoga classes by yoga instructor and ultra runner Julia (read more about Julia on her website

As runners and travelers, the hips, hamstrings, and nervous system absorb the brunt of all this activity. We will use powerful methods to precisely target these areas to restore the muscles, reduce pain, increase flexibility, and still the mind for the approaching challenge of the race.

A daily one-hour practice will be offered for all levels of experience. We gather for class under the beautiful Mongolian sky, as the weather most often allows.

The class varies depending on the participants’ needs each day. However there is consistency linking the practices, and we expand the understanding of the practice as the week goes on. Philosophy always intermingles with the physical aspect of the postures, and a meditation is included every day.

No mat or props are necessary. If you would like to bring a mat, but are concerned about packing and weight requirements, these brands offer very nice Travel Mats that fold like a towel. Travel Mats are perfect for this setting in particular because the grass is soft, so no extra padding is needed. Yet the sticky mats offer a level of security during practice.