Help raise funds for ecoLeap foundation

Dear runners, dear friends of Mongolia!

Join our quest to preserve the unique nomadic culture and the pristine nature of Northern Mongolia! 

We have set up a fundraising page for MS2S Runners 2016 here. You can also create your own ecoLeap fundraising page by clicking this link. We use for our fundraising.

Let your friends know about the Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset, about your plan to run in this special place and about our efforts to keep Hovsgol National Park as beautiful as it is now. The more people we involve, the more we can achieve. The Mongolian nomads need our support!


Detailed description on how to create your own fundraising page for ecoLeap in 5 simple steps:

1. Follow below link:


2. Create your Ammado account

3. Choose a title for your fundraiser and your fundraising goal.

4. Tell your friends about your efforts and about MS2S.

Here is a draft text that you could use:

     I am planning to run the Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset ( 100km/42km ultra marathon this coming August. It’s a truly unique race in the beautiful wilderness of Northern Mongolia. 

     I am not only running for fun. I am also running to spread the word and to support the race organizers in their quest to raise money for the non-profit organization ecoLeap ( ecoLeap started a litter control project,

     including hiring park rangers, buying a garbage truck and issuing TV commercials to raise awareness. ecoLeap also focuses on preserving the unique culture of the local nomads and their way of life. 

     Let’s make sure that the nomads can continue to be proud of their abilities and culture. Let’s make sure to preserve this beautiful piece of our world.

     Thanks for your help!

5. Share your fundraising page with your friends, over Facebook, Email or however you like.


The local nomads will say “Bayarlalaa” – thank you

Thanks for helping! Together we can make a difference!

MS2S organizing team