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Caption 1: Stunning scenery at Lake Hovsgol: That’s what running in Mongolia looks like!
Caption 2: The race starts before sunrise!
Caption 3: Runners enjoy the beautiful sunrise at Lake Hosvgol.
Caption 4: Local helpers.
Caption 5: Through remote forests and marshlands.
Caption 6: Untouched nature: craggy Mongolian mountains.
Caption 7: Participants get in touch with the nomadic population.
Caption 8: Enjoying a traditional Mongolian dance performance.
Caption 9: Painfully beautiful: steep mountain trails!
Caption 10: Little spectator.
Caption 11: Running in Mongolia will put a smile on your face!
Caption 12: The “Ger” camp at the shores of Lake Hovsgol.
Caption 13: A photo from the very first MS2S in 1999… MS2S celebrates the 20-year-anniversary!


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