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ecoLeap foundation was founded and registered in Geneva, Switzerland on the 12 May 2009 as a non profit organization under Swiss law – No fed: CH-660-1328009-0. This means that ecoLeap foundation is under oversight by the Swiss authorities – Secrétariat general SG-DFI / Surveillance fédérale des foundation and is subject to yearly audits.

ecoLeap foundation was created to allow us to undertake more and larger philanthropic activities of both environmental and cultural nature. ecoLeap foundation also hosts the  fundraising ultra-run “Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset” where all profits primarily go to the “Hovsgol National Park litter education and control project”. This project aims to help keep Hovsgol National Park as pristine as we found it in 1999. The project consist of two major components one to provide a waste management system for the park and two to educate locals and tourist on how to enjoy the park while protecting the environment.

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Below please find an extract of the foundation statutes:

Download (PDF, 187KB)

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