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Shuree Sukhbaatar

Contact for MS2S arrival Mongolia and ecoLeap foundation Mongolia branch

Shuree is a Mongolian living in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Shuree first joined the MS2S in 2002 when she was the Travel Manager of Hovsgol Travel Company and now she is the General Manager of Ulaanbaatar Representative Office of ecoLeap Foundation in Mongolia.

Tyler Pike

Contact for: Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia

Tyler developed an interest in ultrarunning and in Mongolia during his 7 years of living in urban/industrial cities in China. His friendships with Nicolas and the other like minded people led to the development of the MS2S. Tyler has since then become a regular participant in the event, and serves as one of the race organizers. He now lives in Sydney Australia and competes in triathlons there, and has developed a passion for yoga, and has been teaching yoga for over ten years (sometimes running classes for the runners of the MS2S!). Tyler is a Sinologist and teaches Chinese language and literature at the University of Sydney.

Nicolas Musy

Contact for Mongolia, Greater China

Nicolas is a Physics Engineer from Switzerland who has been based in China since the 1990s where he runs an own industrial project management company and a precision mechanical production operation. Nicolas discovered a passion for nature, hiking and trail running when living in the urban jungles of Shanghai. He has run the Everest Marathon in Nepal and the Hong Kong Trailwalker and finished the first Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset 100 km. He has run in each of the Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset since. Nicolas first visited Hovsgol in 1996 and he has returned for business and horse or hiking treks every year since 1997.

Zvonimir Grobenski

Contact for: Europe

Zvoni is German , originating from  Croatia, based on the Lake of Konstanz, Germany. With degrees in Geology & Mineralogy (University of Zagreb), and Ph.D. in Chemistry (University of Konstanz), he has behind him managerial experience working for leading international companies in the fields of analytical instrumentation and biotechnology. Zvoni got his bug for international traveling, hiking and adventure in general, during his tenure in East Africa, and it was “normal” that he started running marathons and ultras many, many years ago. First time he attended MS2S was in 2001 and never stopped coming and he is now incorporated in to the organizing team of this wonderful race.

Marc Progin

Contact for: Hong Kong

Marc is a Swiss National living in Hong Kong for many years. Marc is a veteran participant of Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset, adventurer and very experienced Mongolia explorer, professional photographer and inspirational speaker with an affinity for Mongolia, exploration and running.

Julia Moffitt

Contact for: USA, Canada

Julia is a personal trainer, yoga teacher, and runner in Key West, Florida, USA. She has been a horse rider since childhood and trainer of dressage as an adult. Born in 1978 in Seoul, Korea, grew up in New York City as the adopted daughter of American parents. In a search for her roots, DNA testing showed that Julia had some pre-Korean Mongol ancestry. Her background and professional interests contribute to her fascination with Mongolia and decision to participate in this experience.

Koji Minami

Contact for: Japan

Koji is a Japanese living in Yokohama, Japan. After studying Electrical and Information Engineering and working at various international IT companies in Japan and Israel, Koji is currently consulting startup companies that are willing to develop/enhance business in Japan. In 2016 he participated in Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset as a 100km runner and got fascinated by the exceptionally friendly atmosphere of MS2S and breathtaking nature of Mongolia. In 2018 he came back with his family, run with his 15 years old son with joy, and has decided to help invite and take care of new participants from Japan.

Christopher Hazen

Contact for: USA, Canada

Chris is a native Oregonian (USA), Boston University graduate, serial entrepreneur and business consultant. After visiting Mongolia in 1998, Chris became a founder of Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset and has provided sustainability and organizational input to the event ever since. Chris ran 100km and marathon distances when in his 20s but these days is happier with 10 to 20 km distances in between swims or other activities. 

Bernhard Hagen

Contact for: Media

Bernhard is Austrian and lives both in Shanghai and Austria. After studying in Innsbruck and New Orleans and working in PR firms for a couple of years, Bernhard started a PR company specializing in international B2B press releases. In 2011, he began to support the Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset with press releases and realized many articles in international running and outdoor magazines. For Bernhard, the first trip to Lake Hovsgol (and the first marathon) was not less than life-changing. He stayed involved, helped the communication efforts of MS2S to further promote the race and the environmental projects and joined the organizing team in 2013.

Angie Eagan

Angie Eagan is our Race Director She became committed to the race’s philanthropic objectives after her first visit to Mongolia in 1997. Born and raised in cowboy country – the high desert of Central Oregon – an affinity for Mongolia’s natural beauty, people and horse culture are a given for Angie. Being a sport enthusiast and adventure traveler rounded out her interest in the event. She has supported participants in the Everest Marathon and Hong Kong Trailwalker 100km race, and was Race Director for the first Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset in 1999. Angie lives and works in China where she manages a leading international recruitment firm.

Jo Meek

Contact for: United Kingdom

Jo is living her best life! As a runner and with a career as a Physiotherapist. 

She lives in Devon, UK with her husband, Jon and dog, Wilfred. She works as a Sports Physiotherapist privately and for the UK Sport Institute.

She has been a runner for 20 years and she has been lucky enough to represent GB on the trails and in the road 100km champs. Her best results include 2nd in the Marathon Des Sables, 2nd in CCC and most recently 1st in the Cape Wrath Ultra. 

She often uses running as a way to travel and has raced in many countries around the world from Chile to Iran. Her exploits can be followed on her Blog

This is what attracted her to the Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset where she looks forward to racing the 100km in 2024. 

Steen Holck

Steen is an international nomad with Danish background and gens. A traveller from early child following his United Nations expatiate parents. Having grown up, lived and worked everywhere from Australia to Zambia. Steen is now an hotelier by trade and currently based in Zurich Switzerland. Steen first joined the MS2S in 2001 as an alternative to smoking and once there Hovsgol and Mongolia became part of him. Steen initially help raise funds for the environmental and cultural activities of MS2S and in 2009 Steen helped establish ecoLeap foundation registered in Geneva, Switzerland which is now the umbrella for the activities of MS2S and its philanthropic activities.As a child it was a dream to visit Mongolia and so when MS2S popped up on Facebook it was a sign to run and visit Mongolia.

Michael Whitehead

Michael lives in Auckland, New Zealand. When he is not on the trails he consults and invests mainly in the tech sector.  Michael’s first 100k race was the Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset in 2019, and he claims the unofficial prize for the worst blisters (photos available on request). He has also run the MS2S 42k (no blisters) as well as other marathons and ultras in New Zealand, USA and Europe. While always on the lookout for the next trail run somewhere in the world he believes the location, organisation, and ethos of the MS2S makes it a special race and is happy to share his experiences and tips to kiwis thinking about running in Mongolia.

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