Hangzhou Marathon

We also host the Hangzhou Mountain Marathon which is an informal training run organised by Nicolas for runners interested in participating in and training for MS2S if you are in the Shanghai / Hangzhou area.

We will be hosting the next Hangzhou Mountain Marathon (HZMM) on 28th October 2023.

Hangzhou Mountain Marathon at Hangzhou Shangri La

We invite you and your family to come run or walk or spend the weekend in beautiful Hangzhou while weather is still mild and crowds are gone! As always, HZMM is a challenging hill race or a trek with your companion and family on a part of the course, among the Long Jin Tea Hills and Hangzhou Buddhist Temples. This unique event consists of a beautiful and challenging 42KM course as well as shorter courses of 17, 25, and 34K for registration and question email HZMM The HZMM are typically held in Spring and Autumn. Dates will be announced on this page.

25th March 2023 Hangzhou Mountain Marathon Results

Download (PDF, 25KB)

26th November 2022 Hangzhou Mountain Marathon Results

Download (PDF, 25KB)

27th March 2021 Hangzhou Mountain Marathon Results

Download (PDF, 25KB)

7th November 2020 Hangzhou Mountain Marathon Results

Download (PDF, 16KB)

11th April 2020 Hangzhou Mountain Marathon Results

Download (PDF, 19KB)

19th October 2019 20th Anniversary Hangzhou Mountain Marathon Results

Download (PDF, 18KB)


13th April 2019 Results

Download (PDF, 23KB)

27th October 2018 Results

HZMM Fall 2017 Ranks     
Date:21-Oct-17Departure Time09.09 
Mr./MsFamily NameGiven NameRankArrival TimeRunning TimeDistance Run (<=42km)
Mr.MORSEDavid1 17.308h21min42
Mr.AMHOFEric2 17.468h37min42
Mr.FEHRMarkus3 17.2611h26min42
Mr.GUVENOzan  13.404h31min29
Mr.RIGGSDavid  17.558h46min28
Mr.EHUJack  13.476h17min11
MS.CHEUNGKay 117.538h44min42
MS.MEYERAnne-Sophie 117.538h44min42
MS.EISENRINGCelina 218.559h46min42
MS.REIFLERMeret 218.559h46min42
MS.RODUITEmmanuelle  16.086h59min25
MS.SOGORKatalin  17.208h11min21
MS.SHENTina  13.504h41min19
MS.WANGZhen  14.004h51min17
MS.NGUYENAriel  No Record 33

Results from October 22, 2016 HZMM

HZMM Participant List     
  Departure Time  
Mr./MsFamily NameGiven NameRankArrival TimeRunning TimeRunning Distance [km]
MrHenkeRoger1 16:587h 38m42
MrFehrMarkus2 17:2911h 29m42
MrSoucheGuilhelm  14:365h 16m25
MrLacroixFabien  15:226h 2m25
MrThierryGilles  15:226h 2m25
MrAlixThomas  16:106h 50m25
MrFinucaneSeán  16:217h 1m25
MrDizonManuel  15:476h 27m21
MrZhuJack  18:309h 10m17
MrDalamanDale  12:353h 15m11
MsGrand-ZuffereyVirginie  17:236h 55m26
MsRoduitEmmanuelle  17:258h 5m26
MsSuterMartina  17:258h 5m26
MsBallamanAline Jeanne  16:427h 22m19
MsEisenringCelina  16:427h 22m19
MsHenkeKeiko  16:207h17
MsSlaatsMarjan  16:207h17
MsDalamanErin  12:353h 15m11

Results from the Hangzhou Mountain Marathon 23rd of April 2016
2016 Spring HZMM Time Rank Sheet v 1 1 - 25 Apr 2016 - jr af
Results from the Hangzhou Mountain Marathon Autumn 2015


Results from the Hangzhou Mountain Marathon Saturday 10 April 2015

HZMM Participant List     
  Departure Time 10-Apr-15
Mr./MsFirst NameLast NameRankArrival TimeRunning TimeDistance Run (<=42km)
Mr.RichardSirrs1 14:4705:4242
Mr.CedricBanelli2 16:4207:3742
Mr.KristianBukor3 17:2008:1542
Mr.RogerHenke4 17:4008:3542
Mr.LuisVieyra5 18:5809:5342
Mr.LeiMao6 18:5909:5442
Mr.WenjieZhu7 19:0510:0042
Mr.SalomonCohen8 19:0610:0142
Mr.SimonHopper9 19:1510:1042
Mr.MarkusBaumgartner  16:5707:5240
Mr.NicolasMusy  17:1308:0235
Mr.PeterNeumann  17:1308:0235
Mr.ThomasGheradin  16:1507:1029
Mr.AndrewWong  18:1509:1028
Mr.JohnyGwin  18:1509:1028
Mr.JacobHuff  14:5205:5224
Mr.LoekZomerdijk  13:0003:5518
Mr.XiaobiaoZhu  14:3505:3017
Mr.KevinTam  17:0007:5517
Mr.PetrickSanglard  17:0007:5517
Mr.SimonHuerlimann  17:0007:5517
Mr.JeffreyTurnbull  13:1104:0612
Mr.MichelBrekelmans  12:1503:1011
Mr.AndreaFassina    DNF
Mr.ChristopherChase    DNF
Mr.MartinNg    DNF
Mr.NickValenzuela    DNF
Mr.ShannonWatt    DNF
Mr.WilliamStone    DNF

Results from the Hangzhou Mountain Marathon Saturday 12 April 2014

HZMM Participant List     
  Departure Time 12-Apr-14
Mr./MsLast NameFirst NameRankArrival TimeTime TakenDistance Run (<=42km)
Mr.AndersenHans Christian1 15:3706:29full
Mr.JeanesMatt2 15:5706:49full
Mr.FangZhengjie3 16:2007:12full
Mr.Suarez GarciaPelayo3 16:2007:12full
Mr.BensonChris5 16:3007:22full
Mr.BromanThomas6 16:3207:24full
Mr.HornJochen7 16:3607:28full
Mr.DuteauMaurice Bradley7 16:3607:28full
Mr.ColomboCedric9 16:4107:33full
Mr.JervisScott10 16:4807:40full
Mr.CottierPhilipp11 18:0809:00full
Mr.SchmutzDaniel11 18:0809:00full
Mr.ToledanoDiego  14:5505:4742km
Mr.GrobenskiZvoni  18:1409:0642km
Mr.MusyNicolas  18:1409:0642km
Mr.KantelhardtWolf  15:46 37km
Mr.BaumgartnerMarkus  15:50 37km
Mr.HaughieGeorge    35km
Mr.EloiGuenet  14:08 30km
Mr.NguyHuuphoc  14:08 30km
Mr.JiLiangkai  17:00 30km
Mr.AsselineFrederic    30km
Mr.KennedyGregor  16:49 20.45km
Mr.SchenkJonas  13:00 20km
Mr.AllenDominc  13:30 20km
Mr.AllenFelix  13:30 20km
Mr.AllenMarcus  13:30 20km
Mr.IllumKlaus  13:21 17km
Mr.AllenPatrick  14:14 17km
Mr.ZhuXiaodong  10:00 10km
Mr.YangWen-Chieh  16:00 10km
Mr.TonidandelMarco    DNF
Mr.QuintasDavid    DNF
Mr.RobinsonNick    DNF
Mr.RolletBruno    DNF
Mr.SeidnerEric    DNF
Mr.TamGeorge    DNF
Mr.ThierryGilles    DNF
Mr.ValletJeremie    DNF
Mr.WennermarkJohan    DNF
Mr.YuanNicole    DNF
Ms.GheleynsAnne 118:06 full
Ms.McHughSiobhan  14:08 30km
Ms.YeoMaureen    30km
Ms.GuiJenny  16:50 20.45km
Ms.AnnisSimone  14:14 17km
Ms.ZhanLanxin  12:30 10km
Ms.ChenChin-Yi  16:00 10km
Ms.ChiuBeck  16:00 10km
Ms.ChanElaine    DNF
Ms.DayMargaux    DNF
Ms.FeiJune    DNF
Ms.GentilElodie    DNF
Ms.HanAnne    DNF
Ms.PedoyaClaire    DNF
Ms.RobinsonSierra    DNF
Ms.WangYue    DNF
Ms.WangDanfeng    DNF
Ms.WongVivian    DNF
Ms.YaoHelen    DNF
Ms.YuEva    DNF
Ms.YuJenny    DNF

Results from the Hangzhou Mountain Marathon Saturday 26 October 2013

HZMM Participant List     
  Departure Time 26. Okt 13
Mr./MsLast NameFirst NameRankArrival TimeTime TakenDistance Run (<=42km)
Mr.BarbierEric1 14:5505:55full
Mr.MarmierPascal2 15:0206:02full
Mr.Van den BroeckeBart3 15:3006:30full
Mr.GUENETEloi4 15:5406:54full
Mr.NGUYHuuphoc4 15:5406:54full
Mr.AndersenHans Christian6 15:5606:56full
Mr.WielengaDoekle7 16:1607:16full
Mr.TonidandelMarco7 16:1607:16full
Mr.PETITRomain9 16:5107:51full
Mr.BromanThomas10 17:0908:09full
Mr.SzeJames11 17:1308:13full
Mr.LECLERCQHugo12 17:1508:15full
Mr.BLERVAQUEThomas12 17:1508:15full
Mr.HopperSimon John14 18:0109:01full
Mr.IllumKlaus15 18:2609:26full
Mr.CottierPhilipp16 18:3809:38full
Mr.NeumannPeter17 18:3909:39full
Mr.JiLIANGKAI18 18:4209:42full
Mr.McleodJames19 19:2810:28full
Mr.McAlisterMarc  15:2206:2242km
Mr.LaceyAndrew  16:0007:0037km
Mr.DuteauMaurice Bradley  15:0006:0036km
Mr.RIBOLZINicolas  15:1506:1530km
Mr.Gomez CoboLuis  13:5604:5627km
Mr.CeralliPierre-Alain  13:5604:5627km
Mr.BIZOTPHLIPPE  13:3004:3025km
Mr.PouchBruno  15:3006:3025km
Mr.JolicoeurPeter  13:5504:5518km
Mr.FrommMark  12:5303:5317.3km
Mr.HuangZhongxiao  15:5006:5017km
Mr.KennedyGregor  16:0007:0015.97km
Mr.SANGWenjun    DNF
Mr.KantelhardtWolf    DNF
Mr.LinYaoxiang    DNF
Mr.ShenYuezhong    DNF
Mr.XiaQin    DNF
Mr.MaQinliang    DNF
Mr.ZhangGuoping    DNF
Mr.VeteauEric    DNF
Mr.GaoFeng    DNF
Mr.NaughtonFergus    DNF
Mr.WangJoey    DNF
Mr.WangLianhuan    DNF
Ms.AylmerLouise 119:2810:28full
Ms.BIZOTMARIE-CLAIRE  14:0005:0029km
Ms.CaiCan  14:0005:0025km
Ms.LiuXia  16:0007:0017km
Ms.GuiJenny  16:0007:0016km
Ms.TanJessica    DNF
Ms.HeJie    DNF
Ms.GuoJingjing    DNF
Ms.VeteauSylvie    DNF
Ms.YaoHelen    DNF

Results from the Hangzhou Mountain Marathon  13th of April 2013

HZMM Participant List     
  Departure Time  
Mr./MsLast NameFirst NameRankArrival TimeTime TakenDistance Run (<=42km)
Mr.QinJunping1 15:4006:34full
Mr.MarmierPascal2 15:4306:37full
Mr.BarbierEric3 16:1207:06full
Mr.HornJochen4 17:0407:58full
Mr.BaumgartnerMarkus5 17:1008:04full
Mr.QueruPascal5 17:1008:04full
Mr.ZhangTao7 17:1208:0645km
Mr.WielengaDoekle8 17:2308:17full
Mr.BromanThomas9 17:5608:50full
Mr.IjsselmuidenSamuel10 18:0008:54full
Mr.VinclairChristian10 18:0008:54full
Mr.VinclairPierre10 18:0008:54full
Mr.NeumannPeter13 18:0308:57full
Mr.SolliedStian14 18:1009:04full
Mr.TonidandelMarco15 18:2309:17full
Mr.JervisScott16 18:2509:19full
Mr.LodahlSebastian16 18:2509:19full
Mr.LopezAbel18 18:3509:29full
Mr.RitchieMartin19 19:0009:54full
Mr.MorseDavid20 19:0109:55full
Mr.VeteauEric21 19:1010:04full
Mr.WestPaul22 19:5110:45full
Mr.WindsorRussell22 19:5110:45full
Mr.RibolziNicolas  16:4607:3035km
Mr.PELLOQUINEmmanuel  17:1508:0934km
Mr.LE FAOULaurent  17:1508:0934km
Mr.LaceyAndrew  15:1506:0933km
Mr.VanSteenhouseHarper  15:2206:1633km
Mr.LuoXiping  15:0606:0030km
Mr.AuckenthalerPierre  16:3007:2427-28km
Mr.Jianyang JiangArthur  17:5208:4627km
Mr.FryeBrendon  14:1805:1225km
Mr.PateNeil  12:5103:4523km
Mr.MckennaJohn  15:116.0522.5km
Mr.WortelboerWillehard  15:116.0522.5km
Mr.FraserMurdo  14:105.0422km
Mr.HeathMichael  12:1703:1117km
Mr.LindquistTobias  12:1703:1117km
Mr.SckerlMads  12:4503:3917km
Mr.KrabbeHenrik  12:5803:5217km
Mr.Dahl-JensenMikael  13:0203:5617km
Mr.BlanchfordArthur  13:1204:0617km
Mr.THIERRYGilles  13:3604:3017km
Mr.NavilleXavier  14:1605:1017km
Mr.MalagnouxSeb  15:0606:0017km
Mr.ELLENAGerald  11:1602:1012km
Mr.GalissardThéo  13:3604:3012km
Mr.SCHENKJonas  12:0003:5210km
Mr.PEBAYLELaurent  16:3005:24Wenjiashan
Mr.WeiZhenbang  17:3708:3138km
Mr.PouchBruno  13:3604:3017km
Ms.JuhreClaudia 117:1008:04full
Ms.HaugeCamden  14:3605:3025km
Ms.NewsomeJennifer  14:3605:3025km
Ms.LiSophie(Wan Po)  15:0606:0025km
Ms.KrabbeTina  12:5803:5217km
Ms.Dahl-JensenStephanie  13:0203:5617km
Ms.DangZara  13:3004:2417km
Ms.VIGNERONCatherine  15:0606:0017km
Ms.AUBRYAgnes  15:0606:0017km
Ms.MullerIsabelle  15:0606:0017km
Ms.RitterJohanna  15:0606:0017km
Ms.VeteauSylvie  15:0606:0017km
Ms.WongFayen  13:3004:3015km
Ms.SunLina  11:4602:4011km
Ms.PEBAYLEFlorence  16:3005:24Wenjiashan
Ms.NikolaouCaterine    DNF
Ms.LeeJane Lanhee    DNF

The 24th November 2012 Hangzhou Mountain Marathon was a success a great run here are some participant comments and photos

“Thank you very much for the race!!! It was phenomenal!!!! I would do it thousand other times! I’m not a hiker nor a long distance runner, nevertheless i enjoyed it very much!”

Marzia Cescon HZMM Autumn Participant
“Thank you for organising such a great run on Saturday. A really great route and I enjoyed it from start to finish, cannot wait for the next one. Thanks for putting the time in to mark the route and take us places we would not normally go, just excellent.” 

Andrew Lacey HZMM Autumn Participant

Thomas on left, Bruce, Kristian and Andrew at the 24 November 2012 HZMM

HZMM Participant List     
24/11/2012 Departure Time  
Mr./MsLast NameFirst NameRankArrival TimeRunning TimeDistance Run (<=42km)
Mr.SahibiNoureddine1 13:304:5642
Mr.SCHENKJonas2 15:006:2642
Mr.SzymczakJanusz3 15:106:3642
Mr.QinJunping4 15:116:3742
Mr.LuoXiping4 15:116:3742
Mr.MaYanchun(Rice)5 15:216:4742
Mr.WielengaDoekle6 15:477:1342
Mr.HollandJason7 15:577:2342
Mr.WortelboerWillehard8 17:128:3842
Mr.FerrerFernando9 17:349:0042
Mr.WestPaul10 18:4710:1342
Mr.WindsorRussell10 18:4710:1342
Mr.PengLiang11 18:5010:1646
Mr.FengJian12 14:526:1841
Mr.LewisSebastian13 17:128:3841
Mr.SolteszKristian14 13:204:4638
Mr.BotsfordBruce15 13:455:1138
Mr.HopperSimon16 15:316:5738
Mr.PuJia17 16:007:2638
Mr.LaceyAndrew18 13:455:1136
Mr.BromanThomas18 13:455:1136
Mr.RIBOLZINicolas19 15:306:5635
Mr.CeralliPierre-Alain20 14:045:3030
Mr.WatkinsAlyn21   25
Mr.SmithGiles22 13:455:1120
Mr.TonidandelMarco23 13:004:2417
Mr.SalaCesc    17
Mr.BarbierEric  14:586:24 
Mr.JepsenBo Henrik Hart     
Mr.FrankMorten Kompany     
Mr.VassardMorten Tevez     
Ms.CesconMarzia 116:307:5642
Ms.BruemmerErin 213:455:1120

For more details on past training runs please click Hangzhou Mountain Marathon preparation run

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