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Thought to send you a short message just to say how much i enjoyed the race this year. Hovsgol is such a special place and to join up with everyone at Toilogt this year was indeed a great pleasure, especially after all those miles of cycling. I felt very privileged to be there and take part in the 100k race. The horse trek after was the icing on the cake, we had a fabulous time and I loved every second of the whole trip, I’ve never known 3 weeks pass so quickly or be so enjoyable. Thanks for everything during my time at Hovsgol it was just great to be there. Really looking forward to next year now and hopefully a longer stay – 3 weeks just weren’t enough! All the very best.
MS2S 100km Finisher
A stunning 100km run! The same can be said for the organization of our week in Mongolia. Especially enjoyed the contact with the Mongolian people and their culture.
Mark Fromm
MS2S 100km Finisher
I’m only 13 years old and I thought it was fantastic. The whole country is fresh, fresh with beauty. The air clear, absolutely 0 pollution. Wild flowers litter the fields with about 5 per square foot. Great fishing and trekking. This trip is one of a kind. The people are great, not one grump. I myself have made many friends (adults). It is the most marvellous and exquisite running adventure ever.
Michael Hazen
More than 100 marathons I have done, but this one is one of the most exciting. After Antarctic, Macchu Pichu, Sibiris, Mount Everest I would say, this Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset marathon is a five star marathon according to the landscape, organisation, volunteers and the Mongolian friendships. Many thanks to all.
Juergen Kuhlmey
MS2S 100km Finisher
A wonderful race, a wonderful honeymoon week, a wonderful party-week. The mother-in-law came too and I still had a fantastic time. I leave Mongolia with a Mongolian wife, some fantastic memories, and an irresistible urge to come and run again as soon as possible. I just hope that everyone else returns too.
Clive Jones
MS2S 100km Finisher
Mongolian people are just fantastic. The country and especially Hovsgol National Park are just marvelous. Running in such a wild environment with beautiful scenery is one of the greatest things I have experienced.
Philippe Zwahlen
MS2S 42km Finisher
A fantastic experience in a wonderful land with wonderful people – both the Mongolians and companions from all corners of the planet that came with us. The trip exceeded all my expectations; the beauty, the support, the other runners and even my own performance in the 100km. I will come back one day! Thanks to everyone.
Andy Brooks
MS2S 3rd Place Finisher
What a wonderful week. One of the most well organised events we have seen. The camp and the race were run without a hitch. The horsemen were wonderful. Thank you all for such spirit and organization. Thanks for your commitment to this beautiful environment and thanks for sharing this magical place with us. Best wishes for Sunrise to Sunset 2003.
Michelle Kouremetis and Anand Parekh
MS2S 42km Finishers
Thanks for providing the chance of enjoying this wonderful country. Great organisation, fun people, nature pure and an outstanding run!
Chris Schulz
MS2S 42km Finisher
As spectacular the second time as it was the first – I will never ever tire of the scenery, the warmth of the Mongolians and the herds of yaks showing the way down the trail. I will come back next year.
Betsy Wiedermayer
MS2S 42km Finisher
“I’ll be back!” Why? To repeat one of the most beautiful and exciting weeks in my life as a runner. Thanks!
Zvonimir Grobenski
MS2S 42km Finisher
Wow! I am so glad I finally made this trip. It was a wonderful week with zillions of new experiences… Thanks to everyone for one of the best times in my life (so far)!
Maren Brockman
MS2S 42km Finisher
I have made three trips to Hovsgol since 1998 and it seems I can never have enough of it. This unspoiled piece of nature is becoming rarer and rarer in this fast developing world and I sincerely wish everybody will do their best to protect this area.
Liu Jianlu
MS2S Participant
Consider it to be a stunning experience for your mind, body and soul. In a pristine environment you will find the time to get an inside look into life in this remote area of the world and to practice all kinds of leisure activities. The range of possibilities goes from enjoying life next to the beautiful lake to the challenging 100km race. The choice is yours and the winners are all that decided to come.
Markus Abt
MS2S 100km Finisher
Absolutely fantastic (race and all!!). We all had a brilliant time and hope to do it all over again soon. Thanks a million to all who made this possible.
Sophie (Age 4), Ciaran (Age 5), Mairin and Nat Padhiar
MS2S Race Doctor and his family
Thank you for a remarkable experience. Your philosophy and personalities merge perfectly with this wonderful place.
Kathleen Ward
MS2S 42km Finisher
I experience ultrarunning as meditation. Every race teaches me about my beliefs…how they limit me…how they give me freedom. The Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset taught me about spaciousness. The wild beauty of the place, the warm spirit of the people, and the sense of community amongst the participants will entice me back. If you are called to this place…do not hesitate.
Renee Athay
MS2S 100km winner
Unbelievable adventure – like the early days of the Marathon des Sables. Picturesque beauty over 100 kilometers of runable trails. One of Asia’s best ultramarathons/marathons.
Mary Gadams
MS2S 42km Finisher, Co-organizer of Marathon des Sables
The Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset has been a very memorable experience for me. It was the perfect mix of pampering and roughing it. The race route was exquisitely beautiful. Cheers to the organizers for an outstanding job.
Gael Weberg
MS2S 42km Finisher
Excellent event. Should be on everybody’s race calendar. Brilliant experience and bizarrest party ever.
Nigel Farrow
MS2S Photographer
As a second time participant, I am so happy that this event keeps its magical atmosphere. While running, you truly feel and discover the incredibly powerful dimension of the Nature, Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset is much more than a race, it is a lifetime experience.
Pierre-Allain Cerralli
MS2S Finisher
Having run dozens of trail marathons and ultramarathons, I think I know what makes a good event. Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset gets it right. The organizers combine a beautiful wilderness setting with a proper balance of comforts. The race combines a challenging course with a well-manned and well-marked trail. The participants all seem to have a great time and the organizers throw the wildest awards ceremony anywhere.
Gordon Neal
MS2S 100km Finisher
This was my first marathon and I wouldn’t have picked a better one to start out with! Spectacular views at the top of every difficult pass made up for any pain. But the race was only one small part of the whole Mongolian adventure. Words as pictures can’t possibly describe the stunning landscape. You have to experience it yourself.
Cathy Cole
MS2S 42km Finisher
We’ve all spend the last few days raving about how beautiful the course is. It’s certainly the most spectacular and pristine wilderness area I’ve ever visited. A bonus with this even is the feeling that I’m contributing something to help preserve the Park environment. For me it was more than just another run, it’s a lovely place to visit and a great holiday too.
Sark Kenny
MS2S 100km Finisher
Best trip of my life! Great fun in an undiscovered venue.
Roger Royse
MS2S 100km Finisher
A kilometer jogger 10 months ago becomes the 100 km ultra runner. This is the reason why I come here. When the race gets going tougher, the tougher goes on with the race. Thank you for giving me the great chance to compete the greater race ‘Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset’ in one of the greatest country.
Yongsik Lee
MS2S Participant – Our First Korean Participant and organiser of a 300km trans-Korea race
Thanks for bringing us to one of the last great wildernesses and running us through some of its most gorgeous spots. It’s a fantastic place with lovely people. Restores the urban soul.
Rebecca Weiner
MS2S 42km Finisher
Mongolia is a magical and pristine country. It is host to the most spectacular ultramarathon I can imagine. Wild reindeer running in front of you is the most inspiring and amazing thing nearing the end of a 100km race! This is a proud country of strong people. Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset gives one opportunity to run in this pristine wilderness, and to give something to the communities that host it.
Dan Appleby
MS2S 100km Finisher
I recommend the event to anyone with a sense of adventure who is willing to test themselves. The organization is excellent – everything happens just when it should. Be brave and take the challenge!
Neil Schofield
MS2S 100km Finisher
I wanted to say thank you for putting together such a wonderful race. I was honoured to share the experience with such a great group of people in a country that has become very dear to me. The event touched all of our lives. The preparation, the setting, the camaraderie and the courage of so many I will never forget.
Amanda Fine
MS2S Participant and long-term Mongolia Resident

And some quotes from Hovsgol locals:

We know that horses race but this is the first time we have seen human beings race. No Tsaatan could ever run that far, they would die.
This adds a page of history to Hovsgol, people around here will remember this event for a long time. I would like to congratulate the participants.
I think such a marathon should be held every year like you plan – it is not damaging to the environment and these people are having a good time.
D. Lhagvasuren
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