Event Philosophy

Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset is organised on a non-profit basis and all proceeds are used to support a variety of preservation projects in Hovsgol National Park and in selected other national parks in Mongolia via our “ecoLeap foundation” registered in Geneva, Switzerland – Register of commerce number CH-660-1328009-0.

The park has two small Mongolian towns as well as scores of local nomadic groups and families, and therefore any conservation efforts must go hand in hand with these local users of the park. The event therefore aims to contribute as much as possible to the local economy and to raise awareness among locals that standards of living can best be raised by preserving the park and the local culture. We have tried to achieve this by engaging the local community in the event. This ranges from hiring help to setting the course to hiring local doctors supervise aid stations. We are also actively encouraging locals to participate in the race.

In setting the course, we have sought to minimize the impact on the natural environment and we use bio-degradable green paint to mark the course.

We have also sought to use local resources to the greatest extent possible – this extends to using locally produced double cream instead of imported margarine & butter.

All proceeds and donations generated by the event go to supporting Hovsgol National Park.

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Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Mike Frank, our beloved race doctor for the first two years, in the hope of bringing Dr. Mike’s infectious spirit into the event and into our own lives. We were very lucky to have known him (read Article 1 and Article 2 on Dr. Mike Frank). Dr. Mike passed away on 23 October 2000 in a plane crash in Uganda.


SH 2012/13

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